Can US and Japan Push Back Against China in Indo-Pacific?

Deutsche Welle

The U.S.-Japan joint statement on China’s “destabilizing behavior” underlines the importance the Biden administration places on peace, stability, and the rule of law in the Indo-Pacific region.


The Indian Ocean Base Race Heats Up

David Brewster

The Indian navy has just been granted access to an Omani base close to the Persian Gulf.

Xi and Trump

OPINION: The US and China Are at a Critical Juncture

Aaron L. Friedberg

China’s integration into the Western-built system of open global commerce was supposed to promote its liberalization. Instead the opposite has happened.


India vs China: Who Really Won at Doklam

Rory Medcalf

Unless China brings back the bulldozers soon, India will have won this round. And it did so without substantial involvement by the US.


China's New Point Man on North Korea Faces Uphill Battle

Kerry Brown

'Never before has North Korea been more troubling, its nuclear program seemingly more successful than anyone suspected, and the country well on the way, under the maverick young leader Kim Jong-un, to being able to deliver nuclear-loaded ballistics to US assets,' writes Kerry Brown.


Thailand’s Junta Courts the White House as 'Democracy' Drops from US Agenda

Matthew Phillips

Secretary of State Tillerson has already indicated that the State Department is considering dropping 'democracy' from its global mission. On Tuesday, he kept his word.


Can Bangkok Wean Itself Off Beijing?

Pongphisoot Busbarat

It is still unclear whether Thailand will be able to easily re-adjust its strategic position between the two regional powers


The Trials of Keeping the International System Afloat: EU–China Relations in the Trump Era

Silvia Menegazzi

In a post-Brexit scenario, the EU strategy of prioritizing democracy-first, rule-of-law and human rights discourses with China may not be sustainable over economic pragmatism.


Indonesia's Name Games: The 'North Natuna Sea'

Aaron L. Connelly

Rather than engaging in name games, Indonesia and other Southeast Asian states would be better off focusing on practical measures like building opposition to Chinese actions that violate international law.


Where the India-China Standoff is Going

Shashank Joshi

A diplomatic off-ramp is currently hard to see, but may become easier in the autumn.

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