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It’s Getting Harder To Be a Journalist in Hong Kong, Survey Finds

Voice of America

In the survey, 83% of respondents said the landscape for reporters in Hong Kong has worsened in the past 18 months.


'Credit Totalitarianism' Staggers to Its Feet in China

Stanley Lubman

The dawn of 'sincerity culture' and the technological surveillance that enforces it recalls George Orwell's '1984'.

President Xi Nails Shut Chinese Internet's Coffin

President Xi Nails Shut Chinese Internet's Coffin

Cedric Alviani

New measures including holding social media moderators responsible for content posted in their forums, the end of anonymous posting and an upcoming ban on Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are the latest blows to what is left of internet freedom in China.


Managing the State: Social Credit, Surveillance and the CCP’s Plan for China

Samantha Hoffman

While advances in artificial intelligence and the growth of the surveillance state are all noteworthy on their own, China’s social credit program explicitly links them as parts of a broader political control process known as 'social management.'


OPINION: Japan Expanding Scope of Wiretapping

The Japan Times

The police are being handed expanded wiretapping powers. Where should the line be drawn to prevent such measures from going too far?

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