China Buries Former Premier Li Keqiang Following Restrained Funeral

Voice of America

Despite China's efforts to prevent public mourning and potential social unrest, hundreds of people reportedly gathered near the cemetery to pay tribute to Li, reflecting discontent with President Xi Jinping's control.


Bangladeshi Sex Worker's Honorable Funeral Hailed as a Landmark

Deutsche Welle

Sex workers in Bangladesh often do not get a proper burial due to social stigma. This week's burial has been met with praise by human rights activists.


Thais Bid Emotional Farewell to Benevolent King Bhumibol


Tonight, Thais will say goodbye to King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who when he died roughly a year ago was the world's longest serving monarch, having reigned for seven decades.


Fresh Blood Hopes to Revive China’s Funeral Homes

Cai Yiwen

Despite social stigma, a young generation is trying to modernize the country’s booming funeral service industry.

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