Thai King Maha Vajiralongkorn Under Political and Tax Scrutiny in Germany

Deutsche Welle

Thai King Maha Vajiralongkorn is under fresh scrutiny for questions over whether he paid the correct property and inheritance taxes.


Thailand: Protesters March on German Embassy, Demanding Reforms From Absent King

Deutsche Welle

With Thailand’s king currently in his favorite foreign retreat — and with his return date uncertain — protesters pushing for royal reforms turned to Germany’s embassy instead of the Thai palace to deliver their message.


OPINION: Germany Must Stop Appeasing China


Germany must live up to its claims of moral superiority in its dealings with China.


Artworks by Renowned German Artists Disappear in China

Deutsche Welle

Art worth hundreds of millions of dollars by renowned German artists has allegedly vanished in China, German media report. A shady case, a German art expert says.

柏林圍牆 The Fall of the Berlin Wall, 1989. The photo shows a part of a public photo documentation wall at the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin. The photo documentation is permanently placed in the public.

OPINION: Lessons Taiwan Can Learn from German Transitional Justice

Alexander Görlach

Students in Taiwan should focus on the period after German reunification to draw lessons on how to deal with transitional justice.


Taiwan Must Own its Global Leadership in Recycling

Mark Stocker

Taiwan is second only to Germany when it comes to recycling, but the country and its ambassadors are too humble when it comes to marketing leadership in the sector.


German Election Losses Leave Merkel's North Korea Stance in Limbo

Alexander Görlach

German Chancellor Angela Merkel previously advocated Germany take a lead role in brokering a diplomatic solution to the crisis in North Korea. But election losses for her Christian Democratic Union party have left her weakened at home, and the country's future stance on the issue in doubt.


The Strange Case of the Japanese Plastic Surgeon Who Admires Nazis

Nevin Thompson

'For the time being, Takasu, by all accounts, remains unapologetic about his statements, despite the overwhelming evidence of the Nazis’ atrocities, and despite criticism of his remarks both in Japan, and, increasingly, abroad.'


Book Review: A New History of the Holocaust

Gary Wilson

Drawing on 25 years of research, 'The Holocaust: A New History' offers a new major treatment of the Holocaust that traces events in their entirety from their origins to their horrifying conclusions. Gary Wilson praises Laurence Rees for this eminently readable account, which offers definitive insight into this appalling history.


The Content Control Reckoning for Tech Giants

John Gooding

Tech giants like Facebook and Google are facing a conundrum: How to prevent hateful and offensive content while also keeping ad revenue?

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