Germany To Restrict Influence of China’s Confucius Institute

Deutsche Welle

Germany's education minister has called for “clear limits” to be imposed on the Confucius Institute, which promotes Chinese language and culture.


Germany-China Talks to Focus on Ukraine, Climate Change

Deutsche Welle

Scholz and the government here want to signal that “it’s not completely back to the old days where Germany’s relationship with China was all about making money.”


German Chancellor Warns China Not To Change Status Quo By Force

TNL Staff

Besides urging against the use of force on Taiwan, Scholz highlighted the necessity to work with Beijing to solve global issues, including climate change.


China’s Quantum Leap — Made in Germany

Deutsche Welle

Germany’s oldest university hosts many scientists conducting groundbreaking work. Little did they know how they would become entangled in China’s quantum military strategy. A DW investigation with CORRECTIV.


Germany Fears Ex-Pilots Share Secrets With China

Deutsche Welle

Retired German air force pilots have taken their skills to China. The defense minister wants to stop the practice.


Germany-China: Struggling To Shake Off Beijing Dependencies

Deutsche Welle

The economies of China and Germany are hugely intertwined. The dilemma is how to position Germany in the emerging geopolitical tensions with Beijing.


German Lawmakers Arrive in Taiwan Amid Regional Tensions

Deutsche Welle

A delegation from the German parliament traveled to Taiwan to underline friendly ties between Berlin and Taipei. The visit comes as China steps up its threats toward the island democracy.


Shanghai Covid Lockdown Threatens New Export Delays

Deutsche Welle

Nearly a third of goods leaving the Port of Shanghai are held up due to a strict lockdown. The delays are set to exacerbate a supply chain crisis that has caused shortages and price rises across the world.


Thai King Maha Vajiralongkorn Under Political and Tax Scrutiny in Germany

Deutsche Welle

Thai King Maha Vajiralongkorn is under fresh scrutiny for questions over whether he paid the correct property and inheritance taxes.


Thailand: Protesters March on German Embassy, Demanding Reforms From Absent King

Deutsche Welle

With Thailand’s king currently in his favorite foreign retreat — and with his return date uncertain — protesters pushing for royal reforms turned to Germany’s embassy instead of the Thai palace to deliver their message.

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