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Professor's Apology to Chinese Student Sparks Debate on Taiwan's Academic Freedom

TNL Staff

A Chinese student in Taiwan demanded his professor make an apology based on Covid-19 comments during a lecture.


INTERVIEW: The Inside Story on How Spain Bowed to China's Threats on Academic Freedom

Nick Aspinwall

The China-forced cancellation of a Taiwan cultural event at Spain's University of Salamanca raises concerns over the terms of China's engagement with international universities.


OPINION: Australia Must Confront China's Academic Interference

Daniel Fazio

The recent decision not to publish the book "Silent Invasion" which examines the growing and surreptitious CCP influence in Australia, raises alarming questions for academic freedom, public discourse, and publishing in Australia.


U.S. Universities in China Face Internet, Self-Censorship: Report

Olivia Yang

U.S. universities in China avoid sensitive topics like Tibet, Taiwan and the Tiananmen Square Massacre.

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