China's State-Run 'Fake News' Clampdown Goes into Overdrive

Global Voices

A new platform backed by China's state media agency called Piyao, meaning 'rumor-squashing,' was launched last week.


The People Behind China State Media’s Viral Videos

Lu Hongyong

The recent BRICS summit has given government mouthpiece Xinhua a chance to launch its latest charm offensive.


CARTOON: No 'ROC' for Chinese Media

TNL Staff

'Taiwan is a province of China,' reads one rule. 'But taking the feelings of our Taiwan compatriots into account, now we generally don’t call it "Taiwan Province," and more often use "Taiwan Region" or "Taiwan."'


China Issues Banned and Required Terminology for Taiwan, Hong Kong, South China Sea

ZiQing Low

'Under no condition should “President (or Vice President) of the Republic of China” be used to refer to the leaders of Taiwan, even if it is put in quotation marks.'

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