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Chinese Netizens, Sports Administrators and the Undoing of a Ping Pong Hero

Chublic Opinion

'It soon became clear that this was not a scheduling error, but an open revolt unprecedented in the history of Chinese Ping Pong.' Another strange happening on the Chinese Internet, unpacked by Chublic Opinion.


Fake News in China and Taiwan: Pot, Kettle, Black

Jules Quartly

China and Taiwan offer different models for tackling the worldwide problem of fake news, top-down or bottom-up. Take your pick...


How Weibo Reflects China’s National Pride and Shame

Han Le

Posts on the popular microblogging site offer a confused picture of how users want others to perceive their country.


Mourning by Rote: The Dynamics of Weibo Commemoration

Han Le

As news spreads rapidly across the microblog network, Internet users are engaging with tragedies in ever more formulaic and predictable ways.


How Weibo Shapes What We Remember And Forget

Han Le

The Chinese social media site is changing the ways its users remember the past and process the present.


How New Media Contribute to Citizen Journalism in China

Jessie Yang

It’s a constant tug of war, but social media provide a tool for society to bypass state censors and shed light on important social issues.

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