Ukraine War: How Russian Propaganda Dominates Chinese Social Media

Deutsche Welle

In China’s cyberspace, Russian propaganda continues to influence the discourse over the war in Ukraine. Experts say the efforts could be Beijing’s attempt to trigger anti-Western sentiments.


China’s Women ‘Hold Up Half the Sky’

The Interpreter

Entrenched gender inequality and the heavy hand of censors can no longer silence female voices in China.


China Feminists Face Clampdown, Closure of Online Accounts

Deutsche Welle

Dozens of Chinese feminist social media channels have been abruptly deactivated in recent weeks, triggering anger and fear that women’s rights activists will be systemically denied an online presence.


Cyberpunk 2077 Accused of Insulting China, but Not Banned

Bryan Chou

While some Chinese netizens lashed out at the game for not recognizing Taiwan as a part of China, few wanted it to be banned.


Weibo Netizens Cheer China's Embrace of Xinjiang 'Re-Education Camps'

Global Voices

The Weibo echo chamber cheers a Global Times editor's full-throated support of China's Uyghur re-education camps.


China's State-Run 'Fake News' Clampdown Goes into Overdrive

Global Voices

A new platform backed by China's state media agency called Piyao, meaning 'rumor-squashing,' was launched last week.


CARTOON: Endless 'Orwellian Nonsense' and Weird 'Weiplomacy'

Stellina Chen

The Chinese Communist Party is doubleplusgood at promulgating Chinese duckspeak.


OPINION: Sina Weibo’s Gay Content U-Turn Was No Victory

Jack Smith

Weibo failed to apologize for its ban on LGBT content and celebrating the reversal of its decision will do nothing to shake public apathy in China.

President Xi Nails Shut Chinese Internet's Coffin

President Xi Nails Shut Chinese Internet's Coffin

Cedric Alviani

New measures including holding social media moderators responsible for content posted in their forums, the end of anonymous posting and an upcoming ban on Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are the latest blows to what is left of internet freedom in China.

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