Military Conscription Can’t Deliver Geopolitical Security — in Taiwan, Ukraine, or Anywhere Else

Jonah Walters

If the goal is to establish durable conditions of geopolitical security, the only hope for Taiwan is the emergence of an international diplomatic regime committed to the mutual draw-down of military capacity worldwide, through which all countries, especially China, Russia, and the United States, would be compelled to gradually diminish their own standing armies.


How Should Taiwan Fix Its Broken Conscription System?

Andrew Maxey

Under China's increasing military threats, Taiwan's current conscription system only requires draftees to serve for 4 months without any substantial training. How would Taiwan respond to conflicts with an undertrained military?


Weak Military Training Leaves Taiwanese Draftees Unprepared for War

Allen Chen

Taiwan’s national defense is in a weak state because of its inefficient military training program for conscripted soldiers.


OPINION: Don't Conscript Taiwanese Women Without Addressing Patriarchy


The accomplishments of women in Taiwan's armed forces deserve to be celebrated. Its appalling patriarchal orthodoxy, on the other hand, does not.


Online Petition Seeks Inclusion of All Genders in Taiwan's Compulsory Military Service

Olivia Yang

The petition has reached the threshold of 5,000 signatures, and the government is required to respond by Nov. 24.

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