Why Academic Researchers are Struggling to Influence National Security

Dr Anthony Bergin

National security policymakers in Australia need the advice and expertise of academics, and academics need to do more to engage with those in a position to put their ideas into practice, Anthony Bergin writes.


Curing the ‘Ghost Island’: Why Taiwan Needs Basic Income

Tyler Prochazka

Sun Yat-sen believed that the benefits from natural resources, monopolies and property should be shared amongst all citizens. This is precisely the philosophy behind UBI, argues Tyler Prochazka.


Singapore Rolls the Dice with Bold Education Reforms

Andrew MacIntyre

Andrew MacIntyre takes a look at how an aging population and slow growth is driving dramatic education reform in Singapore – with fascinating results.


Worlds Apart: Split Households and Migrating Masses in China

C. Cindy Fan

With the increased prevalence of both spouses engaging in migrant work, many rural villages in China now have a hollowed-out age structure, namely, only the young and the old stay behind.


BOOK REVIEW: 'Academic Diary: Or Why Higher Education Still Matters'

Kate Bailey

Presenting a collection of diary-style entries as though from a single academic year, Les Back chronicles three decades of his career in 'Academic Diary: Or Why Higher Education Still Matters.' The book offers witty and thought-provoking insight into such topics as writing, PhD supervision, viva examiners and dealing with academic colleagues, as well as reflecting on some of the serious challenges facing higher education today. Kate Bailey anticipates that this book will become a firm favourite that will be read, and re-read, for years to come.


A Climate Agreement That May Survive

Huw Slater

The Paris Agreement is not the only climate change treaty to be signed in the past 12 months.


Germany: Taiwan Must Do More to Communicate Industrial Policy

David Green

'The need for improved communications is an important but also sensitive topic.' In a rare move from the diplomatic community in Taipei, Germany's representative in Taiwan speaks out about a muddled policy platform and lack of communication. Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs responds.


OP-ED: China the Twelve Year Old

J. Michael Cole

For far too long we have allowed the tyrant child to determine our actions. This must stop. We must stop fearing it.

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