Pink Dot, Speakers' Corner and the Death of Singapore's Only Space for Dissent

Kirsten Han

The Singapore government is barring foreigners from assembling at Hong Lim Park in support of LGBT rights.


High-Profile Chinese Blogger Arrested for Online Comments, After Years of Police Harassment

Oiwan Lam

Well-known Chinese blogger and Twitter commenter Wu Bin (吳斌) (@xuicai1911 @秀才江湖) was arrested by Shenzhen national security police on April 27 for making online comments.


Kashmir’s Facebook Storm; Police Round Up ‘Miscreants’ as Terrorists Run Social Media Workshops

ZiQing Low

Indian authorities are cracking down on fake social media accounts following allegations that the accounts are being used by militants based in Pakistan to incite unrest in the disputed Kashmir region


Twitter Lessons for Trump from Cambodia's Facebook King

Will Brehm

Cambodia’s social media warnings for Trump’s America.


Singapore to Jail Teenage Blogger

Edward White

Controversial Singaporean blogger Amos Yee has been sentenced 38 days in prison for ‘intending to wound religious feelings.’


Former Journalist Arrested for Islam Tweet in Malaysia


A former journalist was arrested for allegedly insulting Islam on Twitter.

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