Musk’s Twitter: Tweet Freedom for Asia?

The Interpreter

Japan is the platform’s second biggest market with around 55 million accounts, followed by India.


The KMT’s Twitter is a Dumpster Fire

Brian Hioe

Taiwan’s main opposition party, the KMT, accused Singaporean dissident Roy Ngerng of being an “extreme white supremacist” on Twitter. Patently false and absurd as it is, the charge adheres to the logic of a moribund institution.


#LetTaiwanHelp: What Taiwan’s Hashtag Diplomacy Is About

Jenny Li

#LetTaiwanHelp was orchestrated to promote a bill introduced in the U.S. Senate, but its origins are much deeper.


Why an American Digital Nomad’s Tweet Sparked Outrage Among Indonesians

Sylvie Tanaga

An American woman living in Bali during the pandemic angered the Indonesian public by seemingly inviting foreigners to the island despite a travel ban. Here are some of the factors that fueled the outrage.


Chinese Diplomats’ Aggressive Twitter Strategy on Display in Australia Dispute

Voice of America

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian's tweet might seem to gain traction, but researchers say it is a result of China's attempt “to create an illusion of popular backing.”


Let a Hundred Collectives Bloom!

Brian Hioe

A seemingly endless stream of parody accounts of a pro-Chinese Communist Party group called Qiao Collective appeared on Twitter. Here's the backstory.


China's Caging of Domestic Twitterati Ominous for Overseas Users

Global Voices

One Twitter user said that using the social messaging service in China is now 'more dangerous than street demonstrations.'


China’s Communist Youth League Decries Twitter 'Defamation'

Fan Liya

Party’s youth wing reiterates it has no presence on one of the world’s largest social media platforms, but fails to step up to the plate and launch an official account.


Young, Female, Outspoken. A Political Star Is Born in Indonesia

Jeffrey Hutton

A young, social media-savvy woman is challenging Indonesia's political old guard.


CARTOON: Will Taiwan Lose US Trade over North Korea?

Stellina Chen

Taiwan may risk losing its third largest export partner, the US, and $33.6 billion worth of foreign trade over North Korea.

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