chinese society


Taiwan’s Domestic Violence Epidemic: Abuse Reported Every 5 Minutes

Edward White

Suffering in silence: statistics from the Taipei Women’s Rescue Foundation expose alarming rates of domestic violence in Taiwan, mostly against women.


The Rise of the New Chinese Diaspora

John Lee

The high-skilled Chinese diaspora is ideally placed to mediate the two-way flow of funds and information.   


China and the Atheist Manifesto

Chublic Opinion

A recent revision of a low-level administrative regulation aiming at maintaining social order stirred up a great controversy online in China.


Beijing’s New Scorched-Earth Policy Against the Uighurs

Dr. Willy Wo-Lap Lam

The exacerbation of police state mechanisms has obviously failed to deter the growth of radicalism in the autonomous region


OPINION: The Plight of Leftover Women in China

Jiayun Feng

A personal and in-depth review of Leta Hong Fincher’s investigation into the plight of so-called ‘Leftover Women’ in China.

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