Canada Probes Nike Over Alleged Use of Forced Uyghur Labor

Deutsche Welle

In addition to Nike, Canada has also launched a separate investigation into the Dynasty Gold mining company over allegations of using Uyghur forced labor in China.


UN Council Rejects Uyghur Resolution on China by Narrow Margin

Voice of America

This is the first time the council has considered a proposal to debate the human rights situation in Xinjiang.


What Happens to Uyghurs After Competing in the Olympics?

Voice of America

“For decades, the stereotypical ‘happily dancing Uyghur’ has served as a puppet of propaganda for China’s official ‘ethnic unity and harmony’ narrative.”


US Sanctions Chinese Firms Over Abuse of Uyghur Rights

Deutsche Welle

U.S. Commerce, Treasury Departments sanctioned Chinese surveillance and biotechnology companies over rights abuses. The Biden administration expressed concern that U.S. technology could be used in abusing Uyghur people.


China Vows Retaliation After US Expands Trade Blacklist

Deutsche Welle

Beijing said it would "take necessary measures" in response to Washington's move to blacklist over a dozen Chinese firms. The U.S. says the companies are linked to abuses against Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities.


Australian Uyghur Association Protests To Demand Action from Government

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Uyghurs staged a protest in Adelaide, South Australia, to demand that the Australian government condemn China's repression of Uyghurs in Xinjiang and ban imports of goods made with forced labor in the region.


Relatives of Missing Uyghurs Learn Their Fate Years Later

Voice of America

China is now officially announcing the indictments or deaths of family members who vanished years ago in reeducation camps in Xinjiang, some members of the Uyghur community say.


Trump Signs Sanctions Law Over China Crackdown of Uyghurs

Deutsche Welle

Donald Trump has signed into law an act that authorizes sanctions against Chinese officials over the mass incarceration of Uyghur Muslims. The move is likely to deliver a fresh blow to the already tense U.S.-China ties.


US Reconsiders Hong Kong's Special Treatment, Seeks China Sanctions

Deutsche Welle

U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo said Hong Kong no longer operates autonomously from Beijing. Meanwhile, in Congress, proposed sanctions linked to China's repression of Uyghur Muslims passed overwhelmingly.


US Official in Taipei: 'The Chinese Government Is at War With Faith'


US diplomat Sam Brownback has spoken out against religious persecution of Muslims and Christians in China.

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