Chinese Rap Breaking Free of Mandarin

Kenrick Davis

While some dialect rappers regard their art as an avenue to fame and fortune, for others, it is a tool for promoting and protecting local language and culture.


INTERVIEW: Filipino Artists The General Strike and BLKD Intertwine Music and Politics in Taipei

Shannon Lin

'Music is an extension of the self. It’s an extension of our activism which is why our music is so overtly political. We wouldn’t be able to write the songs that we write without being activists,' says the drummer of The General Strike.


Hip-Hop Lovers Say China’s First Rap Talent Show Is Out of Tune

Yin Yijun

A new reality show seeks to bring hip-hop to the forefront of the country’s music scene, but not without pushback.


Uyghur Rapper Reps China’s West

Darnell Gardner Jr.

AThree-Arslan hopes his music can help reshape perceptions of Xinjiang and its people.

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