Korean Peninsula


North Korea’s Flurry of Missile Tests Raises Alarm – But Are We Seeing Anything New?

The Conversation

The sustained pace of missile launches may serve as a distraction to focus the North Korean people’s gaze on the external enemy rather than their own distress and the government’s role in it.


Is South Korea Close to Officially Ending the Korean War?

Deutsche Welle

It has long been a dream of South Korean President Moon to formally end the war with the North, but analysts caution the idea may not be strategically sound or politically feasible.


North and South Korea Reconnect Cross-border Hotline

Deutsche Welle

Pyongyang last cut off the hotline in August after joint U.S.-South Korea military drills. The move comes amid a series of weapons tests by the North.


North Korea to Sever All Communication With South Korea

Deutsche Welle

North Korea says it will shut down all cross-border hotlines with the South at noon on Tuesday. Kim Jong Un's sister had threatened to cut ties over Seoul's failure to stop activists from sending leaflets across the border.


As Trump & Kim Meet, the Future of the Korean Peninsula Hangs in the Balance

East Asia Forum

The second Trump-Kim summit is bound to have serious implications for the future of diplomacy on the Korean peninsula.


3rd Moon-Kim Summit: No Guarantees on the Korean Peninsula

The Interpreter

It’s the first follow-up summit between North and South Korean leaders, but will it yield anything of substance?


EDITORIAL: Trump Gives Up the Store to Kim the Murderous Dictator

David Green

Trump has shown Kim the ultimate kindness in offering him everything and receiving nothing in return.


North Korea's Political Olympics

Guoqi Xu

North Korea has historically taken sports very, very seriously.

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