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Japan’s Nuclear Dilemmas in a Challenging New Era

East Asia Forum

Unlike in South Korea, Japanese public opinion remains opposed to nuclear weapons acquisition.


3rd Moon-Kim Summit: No Guarantees on the Korean Peninsula

The Interpreter

It’s the first follow-up summit between North and South Korean leaders, but will it yield anything of substance?


OPINION: Trump's Nuclear Posture Is a Farewell to Arms Control

AsiaGlobal Online

The Nuclear Posture Review puts to bed the fiction that nuclear weapons are for rogue states and reinvigorates an arms race with China and Russia.


The Dangers of Flip-flopping on North Korea

Dongxiao Chen

The security situation on the Korean peninsula seems to be moving further away from Beijing’s preferred objectives.


The Xi-Trump Summit: Rearranging the Furniture

Kerry Brown

After the Trump-Xi summit in Florida, there appears to be no fundamental change to the Sino-US relationship. 'All that continues as before. Chairs have just been rearranged – that’s all,' writes Kerry Brown.


Reining in Pyongyang’s Nuclear Ambitions: Washington and Beijing’s Common Interests

Gregory J. Moore

China and the United States agree that the North Korean regime cannot be trusted with nuclear weapons. 'It’s time for them to put aside their fears and their differences and work together,' Gregory J. Moore writes.


Japan Should Join U.N. Nuclear Arms Ban Talks

The Japan Times

Japan has the duty to take part and play a meaningful role in the negotiations as a nation that knows firsthand what are the consequences of a nuclear attack.


Modernized Tactical Nuclear Arsenals Risk Sparking Arms Races

Brendan Thomas-Noone

Two technological trends are influencing the way tactical nuclear weapons could impact strategic stability: the proliferation of precision strike weapons and the emergence of advance area-denial capabilities and credible ballistic missile defense. 


North Korea: Reaching for Armageddon

Euan Graham

North Korea is in a rush to lock in nuclear gains before the next U.S. administration settles its new policy.

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