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Tibetan Buddhist


ANALYSIS: The CCP's 10-Year Policy to Control Tibetan Buddhism

Asia Dialogue

A concerted attempt by the Communist Party to control Tibetan Buddhism is inching closer to fruition.


PHOTO ESSAY: The Last Semi-Nomadic Yak Herders of the Himalayas

The Brokpa, of the remote Monyul area of India's Arunachal Pradesh, maintain a centuries-old yak herding tradition despite the threats of climate change, Chinese control over Tibet, and the growing allure of modern life.

Spirals of incense in the temple

Using Religion Against Itself: State-Managed Buddhism and Chinese-Mongolian Relations

Jichang Lulu

Tibetan Buddhist soft power will likely continue to evolve as a tool of Chinese policy towards Mongolia, Russia, the Himalayas, the Tibetan diaspora, Western Buddhists and international Buddhist organizations.


Forced Evictions Continue at Tibetan Buddhist Institutes in China

Olivia Yang

Up to 1,000 nuns at Yachen Gar in Sichuan have been evicted by officials from the Tibetan Autonomous Region and have been told they are not allowed to join any monastery or nunnery there, or carry out public religious rituals or practices.

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