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Thailand Migrant Workers Sign Contracts They Don’t Understand, Undercutting Efforts to Stop Abuses

Voice of America

Thailand is one of the world’s largest fish and seafood producers, boasting global brands that include John West and Chicken of the Sea, but still struggles with upholding migrant worker rights.


The Miaoli Lockdown and Taiwan’s Migrant Worker Apartheid

Joe Henley

The Miaoli lockdown is an extension of what the system of laws pertaining to Taiwan’s migrant workforce has always been — a set of rules which amount to legalized oppression and legislatively-backed racism.


‘Maid to Queer’ Explores Desire and Queerness Among Hong Kong’s Indonesian Domestic Workers

Janine Sun Rogers

Maid to Queer provides profound insight into how systems of migratory labor beget “productive possibilities of queerness and norm.”


ISSUE: New Southbound Policy Misses Migrant Worker Protections

Rosemary Chen

President Tsai's recent speeches on the New Southbound Policy overlooked systematic discrimination problems faced by migrant workers in Taiwan.


What China’s Migrant Numbers Say About Labor Discrimination

Liu Chang

Two sets of data paint divergent pictures of China’s on-the-move workers.


Workshop in Jakarta Highlights Indonesian Migrant Worker Issues

Olivia Yang

There are more than 200,000 Indonesian migrant workers in Taiwan. What are the problems they face and what should they keep an eye out for?


Indonesian Worker Attempts Suicide After Taiwanese Agency Ignores Sexual Assault Complaint

ZiQing Low

A female Indonesian worker recorded video of herself being sexually assaulted by her Taiwanese employer and turned to Indonesian media for help after her employment agency in Taiwan ignored her case.

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