ANALYSIS: Tsai’s Defense and Security Challenges Line Up in Year Two

Michal Thim

Boosting the national defense budget, avoiding a spending blowout on submarines, watching out for aggression in the South China Sea and keeping up Taiwan’s defense from cyber attacks; chances are Taiwan’s president will be kept busy keeping the country safe in the second year of her presidency.


Fighter-Trainers and Submarines: Taiwan's Defense Industry Turns Inward

Taiwan’s capabilities in software and IT hardware will also likely stand it in good stead when it comes to developing Taiwan’s cyber warfare capabilities.


The Modernization of the Vietnam People's Navy: Grand Goals and Limited Options

For a small and developing navy like the VPN, an understanding of naval strategy is fundamental in the face of bigger and more technologically advanced opponents.


Taiwan’s Subs to Get US-Made Mk-48 Torpedoes: Report

J. Michael Cole

Watch out China, Taiwan’s subs are about to pack a punch.

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