forced eviction


Daguan Residents Remain Threatened Despite Temporary Halt to Demolition

Brian Hioe

A temporary halt to the demolition of Daguan Community, a military dependents village in New Taipei, has not answered the question of what comes next for its residents.


INTERVIEW: Daguan Residents Prepare for Forced Demolition of Their Homes

New Bloom

A Daguan Community resident speaks ahead of the March 18 forced demolition of the village by the New Taipei city government.


Daguan Residents Clash With Taipei Police After Receiving Eviction Notices

Brian Hioe

Residents of Daguan Community in New Taipei say the Tsai administration has not helped them in their fight against forced eviction.


Forced Evictions Continue at Tibetan Buddhist Institutes in China

Olivia Yang

Up to 1,000 nuns at Yachen Gar in Sichuan have been evicted by officials from the Tibetan Autonomous Region and have been told they are not allowed to join any monastery or nunnery there, or carry out public religious rituals or practices.


Taiwan's Municipalities Under Pressure to Resolve Land Disputes

ZiQing Low

Residents in Kaohsiung and Tainan are accusing their municipal governments of not respecting them as land disputes heat up.

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