Taiwan Approves Adoption Rights for Same-Sex Couples

TNL Staff

The move came after the Cabinet recognized transnational same-sex couples in which one of the partners is from a country which doesn’t allow same-sex marriage.


Japan: Same-sex Couples Face Resistance to Adoption

Deutsche Welle

Conservative attitudes towards the concept of family and a lack of legal rights for LGBTQ+ members of society make adopting in a child a difficult task in Japan.


‘Blue Bayou’ Achingly Dramatizes Plight of US Transnational Adoptees, but Will it Resonate Today?

Anthony Kao

Asian American director Justin Chon’s latest film offers an artistic take on a tragic loophole in U.S. immigration law—but how will Biden-era America receive it?


The Struggle for LGBT Adoption Rights: An Interview With Reese Li

Sean Pan

Reese Li of Taiwan LGBT Family Rights Advocacy (TLFRA) explains the contours of the struggle for adoption rights for gay couples.


Rianne's Story: Finding Unconditional Love

Maureen Welscher

Rianne, 20, first traveled from the Netherlands to Taiwan to meet her biological family face-to-face in 2016. She had already established Facebook contact for a couple of years, leading to a feeling of genuine kinship.


China’s Illicit Adoption Market Goes Online

Cai Yiwen

Children traded through chat groups and forums could be trafficked, a lawyer warns.

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