New Southbound Policy


For Better Relations with India, Taiwan Must Support Indian Students

Naina Singh

Supporting Indian students in Taiwan is key to the broader success of India-Taiwan relations and the New Southbound Policy. There is more the Taiwanese government can do.


Crossing Paths: How Should Taiwan Approach India?

Taiwan Insight

Taiwan should go through the New Southbound Policy to deepen connections with India beyond the purview of political or economic exchanges.


Southeast Asian Workers Rally to Protest Sexual Abuse, Poor Labor Standards

Nick Aspinwall

Migrant workers gathered at Taipei Main Station on Sunday to protest the third-party brokerage system, sexual harassment of female workers, and the government's inaction in affirming human rights for Southeast Asian workers.


Taiwan Has Implemented Stricter Visa Rules for Vietnamese Tourists


Taiwan re-opened its Kuan Hung visa program for Vietnamese nationals this week, but the rules have been tightened following a high-profile case of missing Vietnamese tourists.


In Taiwan, Southeast Asian Migrant Detainees Must Pay for Their Own Food

Nick Aspinwall

Taiwan's immigration agency confirmed that migrant workers in temporary detention centers are expected to use their own money to pay for meals. Rights groups are outraged.

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