U.S.-China relations


Hong Kong Unlikely to Regain Confidence in Its Economic Outlook

East Asia Forum

Hong Kong's economy has been slipping even before the protests, and with the failing "one country, two systems," the city's future as an international hub is looking even grimmer.


Beijing’s Self-Destructive Coercion on American Companies Failed Miserably

Milo Hsieh

Beijing’s recent attempts of silencing dissent abroad has infuriated the American public and sparked even further discussions on the Hong Kong protests and the CCP’s bullying of American companies.


The US-China Trade War Drives the World Toward Crisis


The intensifying U.S.-China trade war is turning into a global disaster — no one is safe from it.


Guess Who's Back: Xi Sheds Low Profile to Navigate the Trade War

China Brief

Xi Jinping laid low throughout the summer, leading to rabid speculation from China watchers. He's back now, but is he here to stay?


How the American Institute in Taiwan Grew From Uncertain Beginnings

Establishing the AIT, which recently opened its new complex in Neihu, took a combination of diplomatic resilience and timely penny-pinching.


More Reasons Why Chinese Accusations of Western Media Bias Fall Short

Global Voices

Further analysis of Chinese claims that it is victimized by Western media bias fails to prove much beyond the commitment of English-language journalists to document human rights violations in China.


Here's Why Chinese Accusations of Western Media Bias Fall Short

Global Voices

China often claims to be the victim of biased coverage by the Western media, but an analysis of media behavior fails to prove the hypothesis.


GIF STORY: The US Navy's Asian Pivot and Historical Deployment

Louis Lo

US Navy destroyers make headlines when they sail the Taiwan Strait – a regular part of the Seventh Fleet’s patrol. When we look at the history of US fleet deployments, it’s clear that the US uses its warships as waterborne ambassadors of global influence.


ANALYSIS: The Pointless Inefficacy of Trump's China Trade War

The Conversation

China gets remarkably little added value from the tech products it exports to the United States.

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