Space Race Critical to China's Belt and Road Project

Tristan Kenderdine

China is planning to launch satellites to cover Central Asia, the Middle East and greater Eurasia.


Asia is Making Strides in the Space Race

Morris Jones

Space affects the state of a nation’s economy in the information age. It influences cyberwarfare and traditional warfare.


China to Launch Mars Probe; Shark Fin Back on the Menu in Hong Kong; Cash for ‘Loyal’ Monks in Tibet

TNL Staff

Asia Morning Update: A quick roundup of the most important news from around the region.


The Female Space Sculptor Who Designed the Earliest Space and Aviation Helmets

Lauren Young

Alice King Chatham's name is attached to some of the world's most pivotal aviation and space experiments.


Pollution From India, China Reaches Stratosphere

TV Padma

Pollution is also affecting the pattern of the South Asian monsoon.


Space Biology and China: Rethinking the Space Age

There is nothing to suggest that historians of technology a hundred years from now will be as comfortable as we are at folding China’s spacefaring accomplishments in with the 'more sophisticated' efforts of the West.


China and the Problem of Trash in Space

Yun Zhao

China needs to seriously consider a possible legal framework for environmental protection in outer space.


China’s Marathon in Space: Peril or Opportunity?

Marco Aliberti

China's ambitious space program shows no signs of slowing.

NASA Unveils Celestial Fireworks as Official Image for Hubble 25th Anniversary

China’s Space Station Ambitions

Ajey Lele

There is a strong possibility that, after 2024, the Chinese station will be the only space station in orbit.

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