China’s Catholics Still Suffer Religious Oppression After Vatican-Beijing Deal

The Interpreter

The Vatican, the only European state that still recognizes Taipei over Beijing, signed a landmark deal last year with the CCP in exchange for recognition of the Pope as the leader of China’s Catholics. The deal, however, has shown no sign of progress or success.


CARTOON: Pope Signs Off on Suffering Chinese Faithful

Stellina Chen

The pope suffers his Chinese children to come unto him, via Beijing.


CARTOON: Taiwan Eats Bitterness; Dominican Republic Gobbles RMB

Stellina Chen

Taiwan has only 19 official friends left as the Dominican Republic gets wooed by Chinese highways.


Beijing Warns Against Interference in Missing Bishop Case

ZiQing Low

Chinese Bishop Peter Shao Zhumin has been missing for 41 days since he was 'forcibly removed' from his diocese on May 18.


What’s Behind China's Rapprochement with the Vatican?

Thomas DuBois

China has struggled to find a solution to the religious resurgence that has been growing since the 1990s.


Taiwan and the Catholic Church

Michael Reilly

Taiwan’s relationship with the Catholic church, while good, can hardly be described as strong.

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