Security Beefed-Up as Taiwan’s Biggest-Ever Event is Politicized

Edward White

Protests loom at a rare major sporting event in Taipei, as China continues to block Taiwan’s presence on the international stage.

North Korean

The Rise of the North Korea Nuclear Threat

Adam P MacDonald

Much remains unknown about the strategy Pyongyang has or will develop to govern the purpose, employment and force structure of its burgeoning nuclear arsenal.


Singapore: The Switzerland of Asia?

Ja Ian Chong

'Singapore’s increasingly restricted options may limit it to a policy of strict neutrality that leaves both Washington and Beijing dissatisfied.'


Troubled Waters: Modi Seeks to Smooth Ties with Putin

Harsh V. Pant

Despite Modi’s recent visit, Moscow–Delhi ties are likely to remain tumultuous in the coming years.


ANALYSIS: Tsai’s Defense and Security Challenges Line Up in Year Two

Michal Thim

Boosting the national defense budget, avoiding a spending blowout on submarines, watching out for aggression in the South China Sea and keeping up Taiwan’s defense from cyber attacks; chances are Taiwan’s president will be kept busy keeping the country safe in the second year of her presidency.


A China-US Dilemma: THAAD and China’s Nuclear Capability

Jason Douglas

It’s unclear at this point in which direction Sino-US strategic relations will go, but all indications point to a deterioration.


China's Huge Industrial Ambitions

Sam Roggeveen

China's ambitions are clearly much bigger than current foreign investment suggests.


The Rise of the New Chinese Diaspora

John Lee

The high-skilled Chinese diaspora is ideally placed to mediate the two-way flow of funds and information.   


Russia’s Stake in South Korea's THAAD Missile Debate

Anthony V. Rinna

The geopolitics of South Korea's missile system is of concern to major regional players, namely China, US, and Russia.


BOOK REVIEW: 'Theory of the Border'

Alex Sager

In 'Theory of the Border,' Thomas Nail looks at the constitutive role played by different types of border regimes – fences, walls, cells and checkpoints – in constructing societies across history as part of his broader ‘kinopolitics’ centred on movement, with focus on the Mexico-US border.

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