Explore Old Taipei With These 10 Hidden Gems in Dadaocheng

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Dadaocheng is historic neighborhood that's being revived by a new breed of creatives and trendy shops. Here's our selection of secret hot spots for you.


INFOGRAPHIC: Is Taipei the World’s Most Convenient City?

Morley J Weston

In one part of Taipei, there are 72 7-Elevens within a 10 minute walk.


E-Commerce Shakes Up the Taiwan Retail Sector

As more and more Taiwanese shift to online shopping, traditional merchants are losing business.


Carrefour Brings Back the Good Old Days

Changing an industry is a step-by-step process. First we identify our customers’ problems and then improve on them. We keep improving our service because we really care about our customers’ needs. What we want is to bring back that ‘good old day’ feeling when you shop with your family in our stores.


Shopping for Tradition in Taiwan

Steven Crook

You might want to take some time to wander around the 'old streets' in Taiwan.


Hospitality and Retail Brands Channel the Good Life in Taiwan

Matthew Fulco

Taiwan’s rising emphasis on high-quality lifestyle has spurred a wave of new homegrown brands offering everything from premium accommodations to inventive cuisine.

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