Immigration Can Solve Japan's Population Problem

Toshihiro Menju

For the sake of a brighter future, Japan must start a national debate on accepting immigrants and the government should adopt more proactive approaches.


Myanmar Must Accept Responsibility for Rohingya alongside Openness to Diversity

Khin Zaw Win

With no end in sight to the plight of the Rohyinga Muslims in Myanmar and Bangladesh, and an underwhelming response from de-facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi, the clock is ticking for Myanmar to accept historical responsibility and open its arms to multiculturalism.


Does Taiwan Really Need More Foreigners?

Ketagalan Media

Taiwan needs new talent but Taiwanese people’s inability to market the country effectively is hampering its ability to attract the right people.


Orthodox Churches, Unorthodox Histories in China’s Far Northeast

Ma Te

In icy Harbin, a smattering of crumbling onion domes unmasks the city’s past life as a melting pot of European, Russian and Chinese culture.


Titanic’s Chinese Survivors Resurface

Nuala Gathercole Lam

Six Chinese passengers survived the sinking of the Titanic. All were deported upon arrival in New York.


INFOGRAPHIC: There are More Foreign Women than Men in Taiwan

Morley J Weston

Taiwan has more foreign women than men, but this is not equal among the nations.


BOOK REVIEW: 'The Ethics and Politics of Immigration'

Guy Aitchison

Alex Sager brings together contributors to examine debates within political philosophy and theory regarding the laws, policies, and practices governing immigration.


Blending In or Standing Out: Immigration and the ‘Cultural Quality’ Problem in Taiwan

Shannon Lin

Are the dazzling traditional gowns and tours in native languages just a weak attempt to distract Taiwan’s newest arrivals from institutionalized discrimination?


BOOK REVIEW: 'Theory of the Border'

Alex Sager

In 'Theory of the Border,' Thomas Nail looks at the constitutive role played by different types of border regimes – fences, walls, cells and checkpoints – in constructing societies across history as part of his broader ‘kinopolitics’ centred on movement, with focus on the Mexico-US border.

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