South Korea Has the Lowest Fertility Rate in the World – And That Doesn’t Bode Well for Its Economy

The Conversation

For immigration to offset South Korea’s declining fertility rate, the number of foreign workers would likely need to rise almost tenfold.


What Taiwan’s Intermediate Skilled Manpower Classification Means

Michael Fahey

Taiwan’s new “intermediate skilled manpower” classification has potential to benefit migrant workers and create a more diverse society in the long term. But there is a risk of developing a permanent underclass unable to fully participate in the economic, social, and cultural mainstream of Taiwanese life.


Rethinking Japan’s Refugee and Asylum Policy

East Asia Forum

Japan is unlikely to expand its refugee intake in the near future despite international criticism.


Equal Rights for Migrant Workers Now

Joe Henley

There are 800,000 Southeast Asian migrant workers in Taiwan doing the jobs locals don’t want or aspire to. They deserve equal rights.


Don’t Blame Jeremy Lin. The Problem Is Taiwan’s ROC Nationality Laws.

Catherine Chou

If Taiwan does not want to be seen simply as a “Chinese democracy,” giving a permanent stake in society to those who migrated from other parts of the world is an important step towards shedding that label.


Japanese TV Show Slammed for Exploiting Migrant Deportations as Entertainment

Global Voices

The reality show, officially promoted by Japan's Immigration Bureau, is being labeled an 'international embarrassment.'


Taiwan's New Southbound Push Risks Duterte Drug War Complicity

Nick Aspinwall

A Filipino fugitive awaits deportation in Taipei on drug charges, illustrating how the Tsai administration's New Southbound Policy’s fails to consider human rights.

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