Golden Pin 2018: Global Influencers Say Sustainable Design Is Key to Success

Kate Nicholson

At Taiwan's annual Golden Pin Design Award forum, four renowned designers offered a checklist for using design to build sustainable societies.


Chinese Asylum Seeker Now in Taiwan Immigration Custody

ZiQing Low

Taiwan's National Immigration Agency told The News Lens it has Zhang Xiangzhong in custody.


Chinese Activist Surfaces in Taipei, Told He May Face Uphill Battle for Asylum

ZiQing Low

The Chinese activist who fled a tour group last week may face a tough time to gain asylum in Taiwan, a local NGO has warned.


Singapore Establishment Licks its Wounds after US Court says Amos Yee Persecuted for Political Views

Kirsten Han

‘Allowing immunity for hate speech only encourages the undermining of values in a functional democracy,’ said the head of the Law Society of Singapore.


Blogger Amos Yee Granted Asylum in United States; Judge Slams Singapore's Persecution

Edward White

The judge concluded that Yee's 2015 arrest and convictions clearly constituted past persecution on account of Yee's political opinion.


BREAKING: Singaporean Blogger Detained Seeking Asylum in United States

Kirsten Han

Teen blogger Amos Yee made headlines again and again with two convictions for wounding religious feelings in two years in Singapore. Now, he's spending Christmas in an adult correctional facility while seeking asylum in the U.S.


Beyond the Lens of Innocence: The Lives of Refugees in Hong Kong

Jessie Yang

One Zimbabwean man's quest to help refugees as they try to rebuild their lives in the bustling Asian metropolis.

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