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Taiwan Has Raised Health Insurance Premiums. What Reforms Are Next?

Patrick Ng

Patrick Ng speaks on how the country’s healthcare system will be and should be reformed after the pandemic.

New Rules for Overseas Taiwanese on Health Insurance Proposed

New Rules for Overseas Taiwanese on Health Insurance Proposed

TNL Staff

The new rules, as a part of the government's efforts to reduce the long-run deficit in the budget for the national healthcare system, are expected to affect more than 170,000 Taiwanese people living abroad.


Reforming Taiwan’s National Health Insurance: Bundled Payments Model

Patrick Ng

Taiwan has nearly two decades of successful experience with bundled payment programs. Expanding these programs is a priority for the country.


Reforming Taiwan’s National Health Insurance System: The Problem

Patrick Ng

Hailed as one of the world's best healthcare systems, Taiwan's national health insurance is facing the risk of bankruptcy. What went wrong?


Health Care for All: The Good & Not-So-Great of Taiwan's Universal Coverage

Siok Hui Leong

Taiwan’s health care system is often measured against the world’s best. But is this model of accessible and ‘cheap’ health care viable in the long run?


A Comprehensive Breakdown of Insurance Deductions from Salaries in Taiwan

New Society For Taiwan

Have you ever wondered whether you are paying the correct amount in insurance and pension contributions every month? This handy guide will help you find out.


Will Healthcare Bankrupt Taiwan?

Tim Ferry

Taiwan’s population is rapidly aging, challenging its vaunted healthcare system to continue supplying quality, affordable healthcare to all citizens.


Expats' Huge Hospital Bill Shows Taiwan's Law Needs Changing: Lawyer

Edward White

As a flood of donations pours in, a Taiwanese legal commentator says the law excluding the newborns of foreigners in Taiwan from immediate insurance coverage needs changing.


Expat Couple Shocked by US$41k Taiwan Hospital Bill

ZiQing Low

An expat couple in Taiwan have started a crowdfunding campaign after being hit with a surprise medical bill after the birth of their twin daughters.

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