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Chinese Millennials’ Ferocious But Fragile Appetite for Viral Stores

Chen Na

China’s social media savvy food and drink establishments are enjoying hours-long queues, but experts warn their business model is vulnerable.


Social Media Powers Citizen Resistance in Vietnamese Land Disputes

John Gillespie

What has changed in Vietnam is the population’s use of social media, which has allowed citizens to mobilize opposition to land taking and monitor official responses to public protests.


China Has Tightened Its Grip on Online News With Sweeping New Controls


China’s Cyberspace Administration will now require most online news and media outlets to obtain a license from the government.


How Western Fake News Took Over China’s Social Media

Fang Kecheng

So-called marketing accounts are swamping the screens with clickbait and right-wing conspiracy theories.


Two Years in Jail for Calling Xi Jinping a ‘Steamed Bun’

Kuan Chen

It is a dangerous game playing fast and loose with nicknames in China, even with your friends online.


Kashmir’s Facebook Storm; Police Round Up ‘Miscreants’ as Terrorists Run Social Media Workshops

ZiQing Low

Indian authorities are cracking down on fake social media accounts following allegations that the accounts are being used by militants based in Pakistan to incite unrest in the disputed Kashmir region


Why Bike-Sharing in China Is a Myth

Wu Xiaobo

Sharing is the last priority of companies like Mobike and Ofo, which are driven solely by amassing vast customer deposits.


Will China Use Google Scholar to Rewrite History?

ZiQing Low

Experts fear that Beijing's information controls will ‘little by little’ affect access to information outside of China.


Twitter Lessons for Trump from Cambodia's Facebook King

Will Brehm

Cambodia’s social media warnings for Trump’s America.

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