International Students Can Stem Decline Facing Asian Universities

Xiaochen Su

East Asian universities face a long-term demographic crisis, risking gains in competitiveness made over recent years. Attracting students from abroad may be the solution.


Taiwanese Prodigy, 13, Sets New Record for Youngest Admitted to New York University

Central News Agency

The 13-year-old wants to devote himself to the research of rare diseases.


BOOK REVIEW: 'Academic Diary: Or Why Higher Education Still Matters'

Kate Bailey

Presenting a collection of diary-style entries as though from a single academic year, Les Back chronicles three decades of his career in 'Academic Diary: Or Why Higher Education Still Matters.' The book offers witty and thought-provoking insight into such topics as writing, PhD supervision, viva examiners and dealing with academic colleagues, as well as reflecting on some of the serious challenges facing higher education today. Kate Bailey anticipates that this book will become a firm favourite that will be read, and re-read, for years to come.


The App Students in Taiwan Can't Live Without

Yuan-ling Liang

Ten questions with a co-founder of a Taiwan startup tapping into the nation's university market.


Pedagogy or Profiteering? Chinese Students in Australia’s Higher Education Sector

Jacinta Keast

Criticisms from both Chinese and local university students in Australia raised questions in Australia's overreliance on international students.


Hong Kong Universities are Losing China's Top Students

ZiQing Low

Political instability and sliding university rankings are to blame as China's top students turn away from Hong Kong, a report says.


Given Overcapacity, Universities in Taiwan Face Tough Decisions

Chris Horton

Schools may need to merge, join an alliance, or shift to a different line of business.

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