'Unprecedented' Lockdown of Manila Expected to Cut Philippine Economic Growth

Voice of America

The Philippine capital and its core suburbs will ban people from coming or going through April 14 to contain spread of the coronavirus.

Panday Sining Manila

Manila's Arrest of Dissident Artists Could Interfere With Freedom of Expression

Michael Beltran

On November 30, the Manila police arrested street artists who were writing political messages on the wall for "vandalism." Many are now interpreting the act as the government's crackdown on freedom of expression.


EXPERIENCE: The Sights and Sounds of Plastikan, Manila's 'Dumpsite Slum'

Michael Beltran

Through a visit to Manila’s ‘Plastikan,’ the author shares his introduction to urban poor movements in the Philippines.


Who Started the Manila Fires? (Part One)

Michael Beltran

'Someone wanted them to happen, someone stands to profit, and hardly anybody is talking about it.'


10 Inmates Killed in Philippines Prison Grenade Blast

TNL Staff

At least 10 inmates who were killed at a prison in the Philippines on Thursday may have been trying to escape.

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