Jeepney Drivers in the Philippines Brace for Public Transport Overhaul

Tristan James Biglete

The Philippine government plans to phase out traditional public jeepneys, the iconic Filipino version of a minibus that originated from American military jeeps from World War II. Workers say it’s killing the only jobs they know that could support them and their families.


‘Where’s the President?’ Trends as Super Typhoon Batters the Philippines

Global Voices

Marcos posted a video of his trip to the United States while his constituents was bracing for the devastating impact of the typhoon.


Philippine Independent Bookshops Become Targets of Red-tagging

Global Voices

The targeting of Popular Bookstore and Solidaridad is the latest in a long and brutal history of red-tagging and state repression of dissent and critical thinking in the Philippines.


Philippines: The Rich and Poor Divide in Distance Learning

Coco Dollanganger

The Philippines Department of Education has pledged to provide distance learning access for all students. But the mental health and economic burdens of the plan overwhelmingly fall on the country's poor.


Serial Corruption Plagues Philippines National Health Insurance

Coco Dollanganger

Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth), a state healthcare insurer affiliated with the Department of Health, is embroiled in a Senate probe involving thousands of fraudulent claims and mismanagement of funds.


The Killings in the Philippines Grow More Brazen

The Interpreter

The recent murder of a well-known activist signals a turning point in the campaign to eliminate dissent.


Philippine-Made Hair Product Listed Manila as ‘Province of China’

TNL Staff

Manila's mayor ordered the closure of at least four businesses selling hair products erroneously labeling the Philippines as a province of China.


Philippines Lockdown Lifted, No Relief for Frontline Workers

Michael Beltran

The lockdown in Metro Manila may have been lifted, but neither Covid-19 nor the crisis in the healthcare system shows signs of relenting.


Mass Arrests in the Philippines as Lockdown Tightens

Michael Beltran

The mass arrest of 21 protestors on April 1 in Quezon City is the latest flashpoint in the government's draconian lockdown.

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