Prayuth Chan-ocha


Inequality Fueling the Fire for Thailand’s Political Change

East Asia Forum

Long years of economic inequality under Thailand’s military government has fueled the people’s backfiring support for the opposition parties, making them win a landslide victory in the national election this year.


Thailand Elections: Opposition Receives Overwhelming Support

Deutsche Welle

Despite opinion polls suggesting the likelihood of a change in government, a history of military coups, court orders, and junta-formulated 2017 constitution sustain fears of the military’s continued rule.


Youth Party Seeks to Move Thailand Forward from Army Control

Voice of America

Pheu Thai and Move Forward share a desire to get the army out of politics and they could form a coalition if their combined seats exceed the majority.


Thailand Welcomes Tourism, Economic Progress, Looks Ahead to 2023 Elections

Voice of America

Experts say the elections could promote further economic growth and create stability for the kingdom.


Increasingly Illiberal Thailand

The Interpreter

By stifling free expression, authorities are shutting off any prospect of change that is broadly acceptable to all.


Thailand’s Sweeping Associations Law Courts Disaster

The Interpreter

Draft legislation to strictly control all kinds of groups could crush civil society and drive out foreign organizations.


Thailand: Dozens Injured in Violent Protests

Deutsche Welle

Pro-democracy activists and security forces have clashed once again in Bangkok, with police using tear gas and water cannons laced with irritating chemicals to stop protesters from entering the country's parliament.


Thai Protesters Defy Emergency Law To Call for Reforms

Deutsche Welle

Pro-democracy protesters in Thailand have ignored a government ban on demonstrations calling for Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha to stand down and new limits on the power of the monarchy.


Thailand's Largest Pro-Democracy Rally in Years Draws 10,000

Deutsche Welle

Demonstrators are demanding Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha, who took power in a military coup in 2014, speed up reforms.


Thai Protesters Demand Prayuth Government Step Down

Deutsche Welle

An anti-government rally in Thailand is one of the biggest seen in the country since a coup in 2014. Protesters accuse Prime Minister Prayuth's administration of rolling back democratic freedoms.

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