As Contentious Judicial ‘Reform’ Becomes Law in Israel, Netanyahu Cements His Political Legacy

The Conversation

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s legacy will likely be marked by shifting the state’s stance rightwards, stymying a Palestinian state and increasing ties with non-democratic foreign governments.


Could Israel Be a Model for Taiwan's Burgeoning Cybersecurity Industry?

Asia Dialogue

Israel and Taiwan share considerable commonalities, giving Taiwan's developing cybersecurity industry ample learning opportunities.


China Is Making Inroads in Israel as Trump Alienates Allies

Isaac Kfir

China is challenging American hegemony everywhere, not just in the Asia-Pacific.


Taiwan Nazi Parade Continues Decades of Ignorance; Netizens Defend Students

ZiQing Low

Taiwan's Jewish leaders say the incident is 'a cause for great concern,' while some Taiwanese are defending the students.

RTSJZPQ 中國 美濟礁

Vietnam Deploys ‘State-of-the-Art’ Rocket Launchers in S China Sea

TNL Staff

Vietnam is reported to have moved a new Israel-made rocket launcher to five areas in the Spratlys.

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