INFOGRAPHIC: Taipei is Traffic Heaven – No, Really

Morley J Weston

Morley Weston takes a close look at Taiwan's traffic accidents and finds some surprising results.


Driverless Bus Coming to Taipei

Central News Agency

Taipei will test driverless busses in a bid to improve traffic.


INFOGRAPHIC: Where Not to Park Your Scooter in Taipei

Morley J Weston

The outskirts of Taipei get increasingly sketchy and the Zhongli district of Taoyuan still stands out as the car theft capital of the greater Taipei region.


Fancy a Helmet with that YouBike?

Kuan Chen

Would you miss the feeling of wind blowing through your hair as you cruise the streets of Taipei?


Street Legal: Will Uber's New 'Rental Car' Model Hit Roadblocks in Taiwan?

ZiQing Low

Jason Hsu cautioned that the government was yet to reconcile the legal differences between online ride-hailing platforms and the traditional industry.


OPINION: Bye Bye Uber, Now What?

Jason Hsu

'The big picture is: is this law helping solve the problem? And what approach should the government and industry take towards disruptive innovation?'


BREAKING: Uber Suspends Operations in Taiwan

TNL Staff

Uber has faced a hostile regulatory environment in Taiwan and a growing mountain of fines.


Startup Launches Scooter Sharing Service in Taipei

TNL Staff

If the YouBike bike-sharing program can be used as an indicator, WeMo Scooter may well be poised for success in Taipei.


Taiwan’s Gogoro: Taking a Different Tack

Matthew Fulco

Among Taiwanese scooter brands, the relative newcomer Gogoro is an anomaly.

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