Chinese culture


Disney’s ‘Mulan’ Dishonors a Beloved Folktale

SueAnn Shiah

'Mulan' is a cringe-inducing misrepresentation of Chinese history and culture.


Nezha Rises as the New Superhero and Role Model in China

The Conversation

“Nezha: Birth of the Demon Child” has set box-office records and it’s ultimately about how to raise a “good” child.


China's Anti-Christmas Campaign Leaves Citizens Feeling Scrooged

Global Voices

Some municipalities are cracking down on Christmas following a national CCP directive. Bah humbug!


The Worrying Cross-Strait and Linguistic Messages of 'Crazy Rich Asians'

Catherine Chou

The film is now in theaters in Taiwan. Is it a victory for Asian representation in Hollywood, or for the linguistic and cultural domination of the Chinese Communist Party?


ANALYSIS: The Rise of China's Anti-Foreigner Commercial Nationalism

Asia Dialogue

China has greenlighted a flurry of movies and TV series with nationalist, anti-foreigner themes. The ratings and box office numbers suggest that domestic audiences are gobbling them up.


Taiwan’s Domestic Violence Epidemic: Abuse Reported Every 5 Minutes

Edward White

Suffering in silence: statistics from the Taipei Women’s Rescue Foundation expose alarming rates of domestic violence in Taiwan, mostly against women.


PHOTO STORY: Chinese Opera Has Changed in Thailand


Fewer and fewer ethnic Chinese are willing to become members of Chinese opera crews in Thailand. How is the traditional art holding up then?


Did a Coded Message Lead an American to a Lost Civilization in China?

Sarah Laskow

In 2016, the odds of finding a 'lost' civilization or even a city seem low. And yet...

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