Why Does Nepal’s Aviation Industry Have Safety Issues? An Expert Explains

The Conversation

Nepal has recorded at least 350 casualties associated with airplanes or helicopters since 2000. The EU has banned all Nepali airlines from operating in the bloc’s airspace since 2013.


UN Aviation Agency Slammed for Excluding Taiwan From Virus Policies

Jeremy Van der Haegen

Critics pointed out that Taiwan is being excluded by a UN civil aviation agency from important air safety information. The organization responded by mass blocking them.


‘Flight Pattern’ Video Calling for Taiwan’s Inclusion in ICAO Goes Viral

ZiQing Low

A time-lapse video shows the importance of Taiwan as an air traffic hub.


OP-ED: Is the West Losing the Influence War to China?

J. Michael Cole

Like-minded coalitions of major states are increasingly unable to counter Beijing’s efforts to isolate Taiwan at international institutions.


ICAO Will Mute Mics At Mention of Taiwan: Paraguay Official

ZiQing Low

Paraguay's representative at ICAO said they were warned against speaking for Taiwan at the assembly.


China-Taiwan Battle Heats Up at UN Air Safety Meeting in Montreal

Edward White

China claims responsibility for blocking Taiwan at key international aviation meeting; Taiwanese reporters the latest to be shunned.


ICAO Refuses to Invite Taiwan to Assembly

J. Michael Cole

The decision yet again demonstrates China's ability to coerce international institutions into making decision that go against their very mandate, putting politics before public health and safety.


OP-ED: ‘One China’ or Air Safety?

J. Michael Cole

Taiwan’s allies, formal and tacit, must come forward as they did with the WHA and support Taiwan’s effort to participate at ICAO, no matter how Beijing reacts.

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