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Q&A: Box Office Hit 'Bad Genius' Director on Making the Thai Heist Thriller

Olivia Yang

Critics have said the film is 'as entertaining as Ocean’s Eleven' and that it is 'a work of craft that will help raise Thai cinema to another level of diversity.'


Why I Joined China’s Craze for Expensive US Summer Camps

Wu Mei

For the same cost as their Chinese alternatives, American activity camps teach children skills they could never acquire back home.


China’s Happy Education Policy Is Failing Our Kids

Xiong Yihan

Reducing student workloads without lowering admissions standards forces pupils into soul-destroying amounts of extracurricular learning.

偏鄉, 學生,

What Must Change Isn't Necessarily The Taiwan Education System, But The Values

Hélène Belaunde

A group of senior high school students from Yilan in northern Taiwan held a series of presentations on Nov. 12 and 13, during which they shared the knowledge and insight gained through an experiential education trip to Europe.

台大_ntu_national taiwan university

Taiwanese Universities Should Ignore Academic Rankings: Hsieh Yu-cheng

Olivia Yang

A Taiwanese columnist says that a university that puts academic competition as its primary focus is 'suicidal.'


Taiwan’s Education System is Failing Its Youth

Jessie Yang

Three young students share their views on an environment that often fosters more confusion and apprehension than success.


Taiwan: Five Education Priorities for the New Government

David Willson

'It is time for Taiwan to take serious action to modernize the education system in order to allow the country to thrive in the modern world.'

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