Marine Environment


How Researchers Located Pygmy Seahorses in Taiwan via Social Media


A few marine biologists hunted for pygmy seahorses in Taiwan via Facebook and Instagram, and discovered that Taiwan is one of the world’s pygmy seahorse diversity hotspots.


Can the Bluefin Tuna Survive Their Popularity?

Bonnie Waycott

Japan's favorite fish may go the way of the woolly mammoth.


Singapore’s Massive Role in Trading Shark Fins Exposed

Shreya Dasgupta

According to trade records in 2012-2013, Singapore’s shark fin exports were worth US$40 million, closely following Hong Kong’s US$45 million.


OP-ED: Plastic Waste Turning Seas Toxic

The Japan Times

'Since Japan consumes large volumes of fish, including one-fifth of the global tuna catch, and has vast expanses of exclusive economic zones in its surrounding seas, it has both a practical and moral obligation to promote global efforts to protect the oceans by working out concrete and effective measures to fight marine pollution.'

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