China Hosts Rare Counterterrorism Talks With Iran, Pakistan

Voice of America

China has boosted economic collaboration with Iran. The countries signed a 25-year strategic partnership agreement in March 2021. However, according to Iranian officials, the document contained no specific commitments on investment or security.


The Pain of Evacuations

Dr. Bonny Ling

What are the chances that our local colleagues, neighbors, and friends can be left well and unharmed when all the journalists, humanitarian workers, and diplomats leave?


Can Imran Khan Swing Pakistan to a New Beginning?

East Asia Forum

Pakistan's new prime minister has his work cut out to convince foreign policy partners that he is more than just a new PR man for the military.


Conflict in Afghanistan Fuels Desperate Journeys

Ahmad Shuja

When conflict is as widespread as it has become in Afghanistan, just doing one’s job can be dangerous, involving a level of risk that forces people to abandon their livelihoods.


Islamic States' First Big Stand in Afghanistan

Susanne Schmeidl

The latest UN report attributes 122 civilian casualties in Afghanistan to Daesh in the first half of 2016, compared to 13 in all of 2015.

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