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U.S.-Taiwan relations


US Defense Act Angers China, Reaffirms Status Quo for Taiwan

Nick Aspinwall

The Taiwan provisions in the annual United States defense act change little, but there may be substance beneath the symbolism which further deepens US-Taiwan military ties.


OPINION: Western Media Is Misreading the Taiwan Travel Act

New Bloom

The Taiwan Travel Act merely signals the potential of closer US-Taiwan ties, and from a reluctant and unpredictable White House at that.

雄風三型, 飛彈

Taiwan’s Search for Security Partners: Looking Beyond Washington

Lauren Dickey

While Taiwan’s defense will continue to benefit greatly from the relationship with Washington, such ties should not preclude Taiwanese efforts to look elsewhere for partners in similar strategic circumstances.


ANALYSIS: Taiwan's Future Under Trump and Clinton

Austin Chad Willhoft

Although the decision rests in the hands of American voters, Taiwanese should be aware of Donald Trump's and Hillary Clinton’s stances on Taiwan.

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