How “Scooter” Speaks About Independence and Egoism of Taiwanese People 

TNL Feature

Scooters, a type of vehicles commonly used in Taiwan, symbolize the Taiwanese mentality - a preference for small government and prioritization of self and household over the larger community.


HONG KONG: China Frets over Protest Marches and District Council Polls

Suzanne Pepper

Democrats need to walk a fine line in order to keep Hong Kong's big issue in play.


Catalonia and Taiwan? Not the Same

Hector Muñoz

It’s important to check the political reality before falling victim to emotion when it comes to discussing issues of independence.


INTERVIEW: Taiwan’s Sunflower Leader Lin Fei-Fan Ready to Take Flight

Edward White

Lin Fei-fan told The News Lens he plans to leave his country later this year to advance his vision for Taiwan independence and left-wing politics.


ANALYSIS: Dissecting the Hong Kong-Taiwan Dialogue

Brian Hioe

New Bloom's Brian Hioe dissects an interesting dialogue with political activists and legislators from Taiwan and Hong Kong.


Taiwan Filmmaker Denies ‘Pro-Independence’ Claim by Chinese Media

ZiQing Low

The Taiwanese director is now being accused of bowing to Chinese pressure.


‘Taiwan is not Chinese Taipei’ Banner Ripped Down by Baseball Officials

Yuan-ling Liang

The Chinese Taipei Baseball Association has been accused of ripping down pro-Taiwan independence banners at an international baseball game.


Pro-Independence HK High School Students Hit Back After Government Warning

Hsu Chia-yu

High school students are criticizing Hong Kong authorities after a crackdown on the increasingly popular independence movement.

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