The Political Prospects of Jokowi’s Sons

New Mandala

Both Gibran and Kaesang are increasingly viewed as the political successors of their father - Indonesian President Joko Widodo. The problem here is that no one in the Jokowi family, including the president, holds a strategic position within the PDI-P party structure at the national and local levels.


Presidential Politics Heats up in Indonesia

East Asia Forum

Jokowi and his coalition partners have been preoccupied not just with the remaining two years of this presidential term, but also with the remainder of the decade. They have been prepared to countenance options that are contrary to democratic principles.


‘Man of Contradictions’: Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo

Sylvie Tanaga

Ben Bland's biography of Indonesia's president Joko Widodo is a study of compromises made to ascend the heights of political power.


Jokowi Has a Political Prisoner Problem

Andreas Harsono

Indonesia can’t claim to be a democratic, progressive state while still locking up citizens for merely expressing their rights of freedom of expression and association.


OPINION: Maladministration in Execution Last Year Exposes Death Penalty Debacle in Indonesia

Andreas Harsono

Indonesia should restore the unofficial moratorium on the death penalty, writes Andreas Harsono.


OPINION: Indonesia, Please Stop Public Flogging of Gay Men

Phelim Kine

The president should denounce punishment of 85 lashes for ‘sodomy’ in Aceh, writes Phelim Kine.


Indonesia’s Next Jokowi?

Jeffrey Hutton

The secret to reform in Indonesia is simple, don’t mention religion.


Jakarta Election Result Spells Trouble for Jokowi and Indonesia

Erin Cook

Whether Anies and Sandiaga will govern along these divisive lines remains to be seen, but it clearly sets a poor standard for repairing the racial and religious fractures still bubbling just beneath the surface of the city.


Reactionary Islamism in Indonesia

Timo Duile

At the end of 2016, two large demonstrations organized by reactionary Muslim groups took place in Jakarta. The protesters called for the arrest of the Christian Governor of Jakarta, Basuki Purnama, an ethnic Chinese man commonly referred to as Ahok, whom they accused of blasphemy.

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