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Indonesia Expands Textile Production, Claiming Sustainability

TNL Staff

Indonesia opened its largest manufacturing plant for viscose, a type of fabric made from trees. The plant claims to be working towards sustainable fashion.


South Korea Exports Pollution By Funding Overseas Coal Plants


South Korea is the third biggest public investor in overseas coal plants, virtually exporting pollution to Southeast Asian countries and reaping the financial rewards from the investments.


Taipei Court Dismisses Lawsuit Filed by 8,000 Vietnam Marine Disaster Victims

Global Voices

Human rights and environmental lawyers slammed the Taiwanese court for disregarding Vietnam's human rights situation for the 2016 marine disaster case.

中國同意採購美農產品 陸媒報導避重就輕

Asian Media and Entertainment Reinforce a Backward Meat-Loving Culture

Xiaochen Su

While the West is promoting to reduce meat consumption out of concerns over climate change, animal abuse, and personal health, Asia’s meat consumption is on the rise.


India's Ongoing Water Crisis Impacts 600 Million People

The Interpreter

Indian cities are forced to truck in drinking water, farms are failing, and the situation grows more desperate.


Indonesian Citizens Sue Government Over Severe Air Pollution


A group of citizens is suing the Indonesian government over the world's filthiest air quality.


Environmental Protests in Wuhan Stalled a Local Waste Incinerator Proposal

New Bloom

A large environmental protest broke out in China and put a controversial proposal on hold.


CAMBODIA: Gold Mining Blamed for Mass Poisonings Despite Official Denials


Dangerous, lightly regulated gold mining may be the culprit in the poisoning of hundreds of Cambodians. Prime Minister Hun Sen has dismissed the allegations while handing out new mining contracts to international companies.


VIETNAM: World's Largest Cave Threatened by Cable Car Plans


Tourism at Vietnam's colossal and stunning Son Doong Cave, restricted for years, is set to boom once a cable car system is installed by developers.


Taiwan Must Own its Global Leadership in Recycling

Mark Stocker

Taiwan is second only to Germany when it comes to recycling, but the country and its ambassadors are too humble when it comes to marketing leadership in the sector.

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