AI: Help or Hindrance in Fight Against Disinformation?

Deutsche Welle

The impact of AI on human decision-making is explored in a discussion among media experts and politicians at Berlin's Humboldt University.


Hong Kong: Police Arrest Apple Daily Editorial Writer at Airport

Deutsche Welle

Fung Wai-kong is the seventh executive at the shuttered pro-democracy newspaper to be arrested under the auspices of a national security law in recent weeks. He was reportedly trying to board a plane to the UK.


Journalists on Trial for Covering Myanmar Coup

Voice of America

Coverage of Myanmar's coup and its aftermath is becoming increasingly risky, with at least 60 journalists arrested since junta seized power.


China Expels US Journalists in Escalating Media Freedom Row

Deutsche Welle

Beijing has expelled 13 journalists from three major U.S. newspapers in one of the country's biggest crackdowns on the foreign press. The decision comes after Chinese and U.S. leaders feuded over the coronavirus pandemic.


Agenda Setting in China is Not Always Run by the Party

Ya-Wen Lei

Ultimately, the future of China’s contentious public sphere is unclear, but it will almost certainly be shaped by multiple actors, intersecting processes, and perhaps even some unintended consequences — just as its emergence was.


Testing the Line: A Personal Reflection on How to Be a Journalist in China

Luwei Rose Luqiu

'China has so many newsworthy stories for journalists to dig up and publish before the censors notice. In my career, working as a journalist for twenty years, it has always been a game: testing the line and seizing that small window of opportunity.'


Singapore's ‘Fake News’ Claim Used to Censor Free Press

Kirsten Han

‘If we want to guard ourselves against fake news, we’re going to have to do more to boost our bullshit detectors. That can’t be achieved by increasing criminalization and legal action.’

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